Tiny Victories releases single “Lost Weekened”

I like the overt maleness of the vocal on Tiny Victories' single “Lost Weekend.” Rising out of dance beat and heavy synthesizers, there's something assertive and bold about Greg Walters' voice. After all, we're armpits deep in a time of guys who sing in soft and tenuous voices. Indie-pop has become all hearts on sleeves and the tender emotions of boys who are in touch with their feminine sides. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. I'm a fan. But in the midst of so much sameness, Walters' difference is immediately recognizable, pulling the listener into to this complex, layered, shimmery song.

"I know you, you’ve got a stereo heart, you’ve got an ache in your mind and that’s a bad way to start. I know the devil takes the first one and you were the first one to break down, a serious shakedown." So goes "Lost Weekened," a darkly pretty song that remains open to interpretation.

The other member of Tiny Victories is Cason Kelly. This from a press release: “Prior to their transplant to Brooklyn, Cason spent his early 20s doing social work with inner city kids, while Greg spent six years as a foreign correspondent, covering a war (Russia-Georgia) and two revolutions (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan).” So there’s more going on than just two dudes who met in college and started a band to meet girls or whatever. There’s a lot more going on beneath the glitchy, dancey surface.

Listen to “Lost Weekened” here. The rest of five-song EP Those Of Us Still Alive comes out Feb. 28, but you can findĀ  check out another song, “Mr. Bones,” on video here.